The piece keeper

What is The Piece Keeper?

Don’t let a lock code stand in the way of you and your gun. Get the quick access gun lock from The Piece Keeper, makers of the pistol & shotgun wall mount. The Piece Keeper is a wall mounted, quick-access, pistol and shotgun lock that can be used to maintain the safety of any home. The Piece Keeper can securely and safely harbor your firearms. There will never be a need to place your weapons unsafely under your pillow or sock drawer, this professional wall mounted gun lock is designed to be child and burglar proof, so that no one has access to the weapon besides the owner.

What Makes The Piece Keeper Unique?

The Piece Keeper is a wall mounted gun lock that cannot be accessed or shot off while locked in the holder. The wall mount lock holds the trigger in place to ensure that it cannot be manipulated, but releases with the turn of a key. Safety is a big concern for us, and we have put our wall mounted gun lock to the test; bats, hammers, even bolt cutters could not penetrate the strength of the polycarbonate shell. Our pistol and shotgun wall mounts has been approved in California which is known for its strict gun laws. If multiple wall mounts are purchased, we can customize one universal key at no extra cost for the sole owner. All of our wall mounted gun locks comes with a lifetime warranty.

What Does the Professional Wall-Mounted Gun Lock Hold?

The Piece Keeper is an adjustable quick access gun lock that  accommodates any barrel size gun. The wall mount is a time saver for any of  your precious armory which enables you to ready your weapon in seconds for  protection. The Piece Keeper can wall mount the following firearms:

  • Shotguns
  • Pistols
  • Revolvers  (Small & Large)
  • Some  Semi-Automatics

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Keep your Shotgun Safe With The Piece Keeper "Shotgun Adaptor".

The Piece Keeper LLC

California D.O.J. Approved!


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"Piece of Mind" The Wall Mounted Gun Lock Made Here In The U.S.A.

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The Piece Keeper is warranted to be free from all mechanical and manufacturer defects for the lifetime of the product.


Prevent Tragedy. Remain Secure. 
Get the
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