Not allowing a gun to fall into the hands of a home invader or an innocent child while keeping it ready in an emergency is an age old problem.  We believe "The Piece Keeper" will meet this challenge with Great Success.

Larry Kelly, President

Mag-na-port International, Inc.

As a Veteran Certified NRA Firearms Instructor in hand gun, shot gun, and self defense since 1959, the First Vice President of Waterfowl U.S.A., and the coach and instructor for the youth shooting competition for the Scholastic Clay Target Program, I find myself surrounded by gun owners asking many of the same questions.  They want to know "What is a good way to secure my Home Defense weapon?",   "How do I lock up my hand gun to Protect My Children from accidentally hurting themselves?”, and "How do I prevent my gun from being stolen by an intruder, and still be able to access it in an emergency?”

Until now I didn’t have an answer that I was comfortable with.  However I was recently made aware of a new product called "The Piece Keeper".  It was invented by a young man who lives less than two miles away from me in Clay Township, Michigan.  

I believe I can now give them an answer with my complete confidence: 

My answer is “The Piece Keeper”.

“The Piece Keeper” is a wall-mounted unit that I believe

Solves This Problem Better Than Any I Have EVER SEEN.

T.L. "Tom" Santo

First Vice President



Simply mount The Piece Keeper directly onto practically anywall of your home, cabin or garage using the six diagonal pattern screws on the back. It’s the gun safe you’ve been looking for that provides complete safety as well as easy accessibility.

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Reviewed By​ Waterfowl U.S.A

Reviewed By Mag​-Na-Port

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Simply turn the key, and release your weapon when you’reready to use. Members of Law Enforcement, and the Secret Service have purchased the Piece Keeper.

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It is approved by the California Department of Justice, Mag-Na-Port International, and Waterfowl USA, and endorsed by the Michigan Gun Owners Association. 
The Piece Keeper LLC

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Remember, The Piece Keeper recommends never to store a loaded handgun.

Only The Piece Keeper allows you to rest easy knowing yours hotguns and hand guns are not only easily accessible, but provide the reliablechild saftey tool your family NEEDS.

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The Ultimate Gun Lock Designed With Gun Safety In Mind

The Piece Keeper has already locked itself in as a must-have in the gun safety and secured gun storage market. We are proud to have been featured as one of the Top Five Gear Gadgets for 2005 by Michigan Out of Doors. Additionally, the Michigan Gun Owners Association honored The Piece Keeper by considering our wall mounted gun lock a "recommended method for storing hand guns in the home." We proudly hold Department of Justice (D.O.J.) approval for Gun Locks and Gun Safety. It’s the wall mounted gun lock that will provide you with true “Piece of Mind.”
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