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Basic California Department of Justice requirements for approved gun locks include that they fully contain the firearm and provide for its secure storage. The Piece Keeper meets these strict requirements by securing the bore and trigger, preventing the use of any size firearm when locked into the device. The six diagonal mounting screws are hidden behind the firearm, preventing removal of the device from the wall. And the tough polycarbonate housing can resist household tools and burglar’s devices.

How long does gun lock approval last?

What are the criteria for classification as a California Approved Gun Lock?

The Piece Keeper - Wall Mounted Gun Lock

Under California law, your Piece Keeper gun lock does not need to be inspected or reapproved at any point. Approved gun locks only need to be secured with the purchase of a new firearm, either from a dealer or a private seller. In the event that new, stricter gun safety regulations go into effect, you can consult the Approved Firearms Safety Devices Compatibility Chart that is made available at that time to see if the Piece Keeper still meets the approved safety requirements. But given the safety and durability of the Piece Keeper, it is likely to meet all state requirements for the foreseeable future.

What type of testing is required for approval?

In the state of California, all firearms sold or transferred within the state must be accompanied by a firearm locking device. These devices are designed to prevent accidents and unauthorized usage of your firearms. In order to meet state Department of Justice requirements, an approved gun lock must be “a device other than a gun safe that locks and is designed to prevent children and other unauthorized users from firing a firearm. The device may be installed on a firearm, be incorporated into the design of the firearm, or prevent access to the firearm.” The Piece Keeper is classified as a California Approved Gun Lock, as it prevents access to the firearm to anyone except the person with the key.

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