3.   Is the shotgun adaptor for The Piece Keeper sold separately?

All Piece Keepers come with the shotgun adaptor providing you the ability to store your handgun or shotgun in The Piece Keeper.
5. If I want to purchase The Piece Keeper for my handgun and shotgun, do I need to purchase 2 wall mounted gun locks?
You can purchase multiple Piece Keeper gun locks for any firearms you wish to store. If you are a retailer or wish to buy a bulk amount. Please contact us directly through the website to discuss any orders.
2.   Does The Piece Keeper work with scoped rifles and firearms?

Unfortunately Scoped Rifles are too tall to fit in the gun lock.
1.   Does The Piece Keeper work with All Types of Firearms?
No, there are some guns that don’t fit. The Piece Keeper is designed primarily to hold handguns and shotguns.

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Remember, The Piece Keeper recommends never to store a loaded handgun.

If you are curious about our wall mounted gun lock, The Piece Keeper, you can find a list of commonly asked questions about our firearm holder. If you have any questions about our wall mounted gun lock or the shotgun adaptor, please submit a contact form so that we may properly answer your questions. We have worked very hard to design a wall mounted gun lock that provides easy access to your firearm in case of an emergency, with the perfect balance of gun security and safety for use in the standard American home. Simply mount The Piece Keeper into a studded wall in your home where you will have safe and secure access your handgun, shotgun, or rifle.
Frequently Asked Questions 
9.   Can I get multiple wall mounted units keyed alike?

Yes, if you order and request that the wall mounted gun locks be keyed alike, we will provide this to you at no extra cost. However, due to the special nature of the request, it may take approximately 2 weeks to ship.
4.  In the rare case that The Piece Keeper malfunctions, what do I do?
Contact us through the website to inform us of your issue and we will personally work with you to fix the problem. We take pride in producing a quality product and want The Piece Keeper to function properly for your needs.
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7.   What makes The Piece Keeper wall mounted gun lock so durable?
The Polycarbonate shell is extremely strong and will not crack. Thorough testing of our wall mounted gun lock has proven its quality against hammers and bats.


8.   Is The Piece Keeper a California Approved Gun Lock?
Yes, The Piece Keeper has approval from the California Department of Justice and has passed the requirements and testing for a California Approved Gun Lock.
6. How is The Piece Keeper designed with Child Gun Safety in Mind?

The Piece Keeper was designed with child safety in mind. As gun owners have struggled with this in the past.


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